My goal is to be cutting edge and to provide the best vision care possible.  To that end I offer many of the latest technologies available in vision care. Technologies I provide include:

AUTO-REFRACTION:  I use the latest Topcon KR-1, fully automated autorefractor to get a baseline for all my patients.  This aids in exact measurements of difficult Astigmatism, and enables precision fitting of contact lenses… especially the most hard to fit cases! It is considered an “objective” measurement of refraction and is useful to compare with your “subjective” findings.

RETINOSCOPY:  A highly specialized technique that allows me another “objective” measurement of your child’s prescription. It is usually reserved for children or for those who’s subjective responses may not be accurate. Combined with auto-refraction, retinoscopy allows me yet another way of confirming your refraction. Done properly and when medical concerns are not indicated, this test may be done in place of dilating a child’s eyes. 

RETINAL IMAGING: ​ If a picture of your eye is indicated, I provide retinal imaging with my Kowa Nonmyd 7 Retinal Camera. This enables a highly magnified view of the inside back of your eye, an essential component of a medical eye exam especially for those with Diabetes, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration concerns.

VISUAL FIELDS:​  I use the latest Haag-Streit Visual Fields analyzer, the Octopus 900 system.  With two separate protocols (Static & Kinetic) I am able to  customize your treatment.  This is an essential test for those needing glaucoma management & for those with neurologic concerns.

OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY:  A test from ZEISS designed to deliver sophisticated measurements of the retina, macula and optic nerve. OCT’s are essential in mapping “objective” retinal structures in medical conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetes, & glaucoma. Iis like an ultrasound for the retina, but by using light we are able to analyze a cross-sectional view of the retina and optic nerve.
ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY:  Includes VEP’s & ERG’s, these tests measure electrical energy produced during vision and are essential when other testing is questionable, borderline, or unreliable. These tests are used for early detection & treatment of medical eye conditions such as glaucoma & macular degeneration. They may also be used with those with Amblyopia, vision related Learning Disabilities, and to assess head trauma & Post-Concussive Syndrome.  Used together we are able to assess function within the entire visual pathway.
VISUAL EVOKED POTENTIAL:  VEP’s are considered “objective” measurement of visual function and can be used to determine if vision is normal with those who cannot give reliable results such as the very young or the severely disabled. VEP’s give a numeric value that we can use as a benchmark to determine if diseases are stable and therapy has been effective. This is very useful when treating  Amblyopia since visual acuity alone is not an adequate measurement of true loss of visual function.
ELECTRO RETINOGRAPHY:  ERG’s  measure different retinal cell responses specific to our macula & optic nerves. These signals are very sensitive and are measured in millionths-of-a-volt and can be used to diagnose disease changes in glaucoma and macular degeneration up to 7 years earlier than more traditional tests! Our Diopsys® ERG  system includes multiple test modules to help me detect disease early and manage the effectiveness of your care!