We are dedicated to your vision and offer these specialties:

Vision Care:  Exceeding the standard of care as set forth by the American Optometric Association, we offer customized & comprehensive eye examinations for the whole family.

Contact Lenses: We provide a full range of Contact Lenses including disposables, difficult to fit astigmatism lenses, colored tints, & multi-focal contact lenses. We have an on-file Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) fitting set of over 500 lenses for the most challenging and discerning contact wearers, and have a modification unit if further customization is needed.  We spend time to do a personal fitting with you to make you feel comfortable wearing your contacts and teach you to be confident in the proper way to handle them.

Children’s Exams: We examine children of all ages- including infants- using the guidelines set forth by the American Optometric Association for Pediatric Eye Exams. A thorough eye exam is recommended before children begin school, and we provide both a developmental and preventative approach to eyecare.​ We have a dedicated Kids exam room and lots of frames in different sizes to fit your growing child. We dilate when necessary, but are able to do eye exams without the drops using my specialty skills of Retinoscopy.

Medical Eye Management: From Glaucoma to Diabetes, from Macular Degeneration to Keratoconus, and from Amblyopia to Concussion… I offer many subspecialties in my practice for those with medical eye concerns.

Vision Therapy: When normal function of vision is lacking Vision Therapy may be recommended. A customized program most often done as a Home-Based program will be offered when glasses alone won’t fix the problem. We often provide flipper lenses and prisms at no additional charge. Electrophysiology utilizing Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP) is often used as an objective measurement of visual function to monitor severity of loss and outcome of our therapy program. 

Facilities and Equipment:
  • We use our local Hoya Laboratory for the finest optics available.
  • We have the tools needed to properly adjust your glasses, so that they fit properly onto your face.
  • We have materials to replace screws and nose pads for lost or broken pieces all at no additional cost to you.

Our staff speaks Spanish and provides translational services as needed. 
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